Malaysia to put former Goldman Sachs banker on trial extradition to US

US-China trade talks weigh down European stocks

CapitaLand states that Singapore property not set for ‘big bump’

South Korean Capital to invest over $1 billion in fintech and blockchain

Singapore condo resale prices down 0.3% in January


Award Winners 2017 – Banking


Best Customer Service Bank 

Ghazanfar Bank


Best Corporate Governance Bank

Afganistan International Bank


Best Corporate Bank 

Bakhtar Bank


Best General Insurance Company

Afghan Global Insurance


Best Credit Card Payroll Business Provider 

Banco BMG


Best Corporate Bank 

Banco Do Brasil S.A.


Most Innovative Retail Bank 

Banco Bradesco


Best Bank for Customer Service 

Vattanac Bank


Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company 

Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC


Best Trade Finance Bank 

ABA Bank


Best Family Takaful Provider 

Sun Life Financial Indonesia


Most Innovative Investment Solutions Provider 

PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi


Best Trade Finance Bank 

Bank Central Asia


Best SME Bank 

Banque Franco-Lao Ltd.


Best Domestic Retail Bank

Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public


Best Net Banking Provider

Lao Viet Joint Venture Bank


Best Corporate Finance Provider

Standard Chartered


Best Commercial Bank

Maybank Laos




Best Bank for Human Resources 



Best Takaful Provider 

Takaful Oman Insurance SAOG


Best Private Bank

Bank Muscat


Best Investment Bank  

HSBC Bank Oman


Best Agri Business Bank 

LANDBANK of the Philippines


Best Cash Management Bank 

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company


Best Private Bank



Best Savings Bank 

Philippine Savings Bank


Best Home Loans Provider

China Banking Corp


Best Life Insurance Company

Philam Life Insurance


Best Commercial Bank

Santander Totta


Most Innovative Private Bank

Millennium bcp


Best Wholesale Banking

ING Portugal


Best Internet Bank

Banco BNI Europa


Best Investment Bank



Fastest Growing Investment Bank

Banco Finantia


Best Private Bank

Banco Invest


Best Customer Service Bank

Bank Saint-Petersburg


Most Innovative Retail Credit Product

Touch Bank


Best Corporate Governance Bank

Vozrozhdenie Bank


Best Mortgage Bank 

Bank Saint-Petersburg


Best Islamic Finance Advisory



Best Foreign Corporate Bank

BNP Paribas



Best Life Insurance Company 

Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Best Private Bank 

Chinatrust Commercial Bank Limited


Best Non-Life Insurance Company 

Fubon Insurance