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Zurich, Paris, Hong Kong recognised as the most expensive cities


They have surpassed Singapore and Osaka, while Damascus is the lowest in terms of cost of living

The rankings of the world’s expensive cities changed during the pandemic as Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong have surpassed Singapore and Osaka in the rankings. The world cost of living index reports produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) indicate that the living expenses of 133 global cities have changed unexpectedly. Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is the most expensive in the Middle East.

Dubai ranked 66th, Abu Dhabi ranked 27 and Bahrain floated at 82nd among the 133 cities. Jeddah ranked 90th and Cairo ranked 98 from 106 last year. Muscat climbed four places to 102. The reports said that the cost of living in the Americas, Africa and Eastern Europe have dropped since last year. However, the cost of living surged in Western European due to a euro surge against the USD.

Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong have surpassed cities such as Singapore and Osaka, which ranked the most expensive cities last year. Tel Aviv also overtook Osaka, climbing two places in the rankings to become the fifth costliest city in the world.

Los Angeles and New York became less expensive compared to last year. The reports added that the currency exchange rate between the Euro and USD determined the shifts in rankings. The index reports said Damascus was the cheapest city in terms of cost of living. Other cities such as Caracas, Tashkent, Lusaka and Almaty also ranked among the cheapest cities

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