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Your.MD raise funds worth €25mn for new developments

Your.MD has witnessed a 350 percent surge in its overall users in the past 12 months

Your.MD, a London-based healthtech startup has received fresh funds worth €25million from Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a consumer goods company for fresh developments, media reports said.

It is reported that the fresh capital will be used by Your.MD to launch health hubs concept. The startup’s app, healthily is an AI powered self-care app which assists users to check symptoms before taking a doctor’s appointment. The company states that self-care in this way will not just save people’s time but also lower the burden on healthcare systems across the UK.

Chief executive Matteo Berlucchi, told the media, “We don’t use AI to give people a diagnosis. You shouldn’t really even bring up a potential diagnosis because it’s too dangerous. And you don’t have enough data to be credible, to be honest. But what you can do very well with this technology is to say whether you should see a doctor or not.”

The startup is also using AI alongside Ada health and Babylon health to help people take health decisions as it sees a surge in the app usage during the pandemic.

It is reported that Your.MD has witnessed a 350 percent surge in its overall users in the past 12 months, from 6million to 26 million between January, 2019 to January, 2020.

The startup’s tool called Your.MD Covid-19 Symptom Mapper has bagged an award for its overall performance, where it has seen 4 million users already.

The surge in healthcare startups is expected to grow due to heavy demand.

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