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UK families struggle to pay energy bills, seek refuge in McDonald’s

Hard-pressed parents and children are being forced to use fast food for the shelter.

Families in the UK are struggling to cope with the energy bills so they are spending their evenings in McDonald’s. Left with no other option, hard-pressed parents and children are being forced to use fast food for the shelter. They are using the facilities as an emergency kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

In a conversation with The Guardian, one of the trustees of the Fuel Bank Foundation, a body responsible for helping families with their bills, Matthew Cole said that people buy Happy Meals for their children so as to keep them warm indoors. They will then wash their hands and brush their teeth in the sinks. After which they will watch TV on the free wifi for hours.

He further added that people are also burning their furniture or wooden pallets in order to keep themselves warm. He worries that people might set their homes on fire.

The Fuel Bank Foundation is currently self-sustaining, with grants, government monies, and industry support. It doesn’t have its location instead it partners with the existing food banks and community support organizations which include the Trussell Trust and Citizens Advice. It is situated in 350 locations across the country.

It is stated that the foundation saw an increase of 74% increase in inquiries in 2021 and in the first three months of 2022.

As per research by British Gas and YouGov, it is seen that at least 40% of UK adults struggle to make their energy bill payments. There have been increasing appeals for government assistance, and suppliers have offered some assistance.

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