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Nigeria closer to self-sufficiency in LPG, says president

The new facility in Oredo is expected to produce 240,000 metric tonnes of commercial grade LPG and Propane

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari believes that the country is closer to utilise its abundant gas potentials including LPG, media reports said.

Mr Muhammadu Buhari expressed his views during the commissioning of NPDC-based Integrated Gas Handling Facility and LPG Processing and Dispensing Plants in Oredo. It is reported that the project has produced many direct and indirect jobs for both skilled and unskilled youths.

Furthermore, the new facility in Oredo is expected to produce 240,000 metric tonnes of commercial grade LPG and Propane, while catering to the domestic market with 205 million standard cubic feet of lean gas per day.

It is reported that the new facility is designed and constructed in accordance with highest application of Nigerian content and the contractor is a wholly Nigerian company.

Mr Muhammadu Buhari, told the media, “Apart from being the largest onshore LPG plant in Nigeria with the potential of supplying about 20 per cent of Nigeria’s LPG demand, the Oredo Integrated Gas Handling Facility was carefully situated at a corridor proximate to over 80% of Nigeria’s LPG demand source. The entire LPG and propane production are “targeted at the Nigerian market, further affirming the conscious efforts of NNPC and the Nigerian government in growing its participation in the LPG value chain to boost domestic supply, lower prices and deepen LPG penetration to safeguard our environment.”

The Nigerian natural gas segment has the potential to become a hotbed for foreign investors. However, the insurgency problem in the country has become a barrier for investors.

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