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Inperio, Accredited Insurance join forces to recover UK’s insurance market

AIEL will assist solicitors and IFAs with their insurance needs over the next three years

Inperio, an UK-based insurance company, has signed a three year deal with Accredited Insurance (AIEL) to bring added capacity to the country’s market. The deal expects to bring recovery of the insurance sector as it has been walloped in recent years.

The deal will see Inperio launch new products focused on independent financial advisers and help AIEL’s solicitor professional indemnity portfolio seamlessly.

Inperio CEO Simon Lovat, told the media, “As an MGA who specialises in the provision of professional indemnity insurance, we are thrilled to continue to grow our relationship with Accredited both solidifying our solicitor’s portfolio for a further three years as well as bringing new IFA products to the UK market. We have been analysing the IFA market for some time and are conscious that Independent Financial Advisors have both a lack of choice of insurers and are often faced with products not suitable for their needs; something we look forward to changing.”

Mr Colin Johnson, CEO of AIEL’s programme division added that the partnership which expects to provide policies to independent financial advisers will offer a seamless development to the work delivered by Inperio.

AIEL will assist solicitors and independent financial advisers with their insurance needs over the next three years through the partnership.

It is reported that the UK government will prohibit insurance companies from charging motor and home cover for existing customers. The global insurance market has also been affected by the pandemic.

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