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Aramex signs deal with Transportr to boost Ittihad Group’s sea freight

The move by Aramex will further expand its presence in Abu Dhabi’s logistics sector

Aramex has signed a service level deal with the UAE’s thriving digital freight platform Transportr, media reports said. The partnership will see Aramex finalising the best agreements for fixing rates for transit time, while boosting Transportr’s freight logistics operations. 

Amer Kakish, CEO of Ittihad International Investment, told the media, “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Transportr, which will provide us with futuristic digital freight solutions to maximize our logistic efficiency and optimise our overall supply chain cost. The partnership between Aramex and Transportr will enable us to accelerate our transactions and processes while driving more business impact for our customers.”

The move by Aramex will further expand its presence into Abu Dhabi’s logistics sector which is booming, and help it to establish a good business for its freight forwarding and B2B business segment.

Transportr has also partnered with Ittihad International Investment, an Abu Dhabi-based industrial group to become the service provider for all sea and land transportation requirements of Ittihad and its subsidiaries.

Aramex is positive about the partnership with Transportr and is eager to assist Abu Dhabi’s leading industrial group, Ittihad International Investment. Aramex and Transportr will aim to boost the logistics sector in Abu Dhabi, a key area for the government.

The global logistics sectors are recovering from the pandemic as many economies have relaxed lockdowns temporarily. However, the infection rate of the virus is expected to surge.

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