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Ethiopia telecom partners with ZTE for 4G services

Ambo is one of the latest cities to receive 4G services

In order to expand telecom services in the remote part of Ethiopia, Ethiopian telecom is partnering with Chinese companies like ZTE after Ambo, one of the remote cities in central-west Ethiopia recently welcomed 4G services with the help of ZTE, according to media reports.

ZTE is one of the major partners of Ethio-Telecom, the East African country’s sole telecom service provider so far, along with the recent inclusion of Huawei.

In Ambo, Merera Gemechu owns an internet cafe that sees a large number of people visiting the cafe every day to avail internet services since the area had very poor network prior to this.

Gemchu told the media,“I hope the launch of 4G telecom services in Ambo city is the start of the introduction of further modern telecom technologies in the city. My business is very much dependent on having up to date telecom services and with the launch of the 4G telecom services, I’m optimistic my business will further grow and even diversify.”

Ethio Telecom is regarded as one of Africa’s oldest telecom service providers which has more than 56.2 million subscribers and 25 million data and Internet users. The company aspires to increase its subscribers to 64 million by the end of Ethiopian fiscal year and plans to expand its data and Internet users base to 28.5 million.

The company plans to provide modern telecom service to its users with help of its latest Chinese tech companies like Huawei and ZTE. Marking the launch of 4G LTE telecom service in Ambo.CEO of Ethio-Telecom, Frehiwot Taniru said that the launch of the latest Chinese-built 4G services is a part of a 3-year growth plan which aims to expand modern telecom services to more than 100 Ethiopian cities.

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