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Sony unleashes new gaming brand — InZone

TSony is launching a whole new different line — InZone for gaming devices.

Sony Electronics has come up with a new addition to its family of InZone gaming monitors as well as gaming headsets for both PCs and PlayStation 5s.

Sony is launching a completely new line — InZone for gaming devices. This line will be different from what PlayStation is. It is developed by Sony Electronics with a primary focus on PC gamers.

The new products will also come with features targeting PS5 users.

Sony has stated that the gaming market has been growing at a faster rate and according to market researcher Omdia, it is expected to grow even further through 2023.

InZone Monitors
The monitors will specifically focus on fast, first-person shooter games.

The company revealed InZone M9, a monitor with a 27-inch diagonal screen and 4K resolution, which runs at 144 Hz. It comes with IPS 1ms GtG (grey to grey), variable refresh rate, or VRR, (HDMI 2.1), and its G-Sync compatible.

The display comes with DisplayHDR which is certified at a brightness of 600 nits.

In terms of unique features, it comes equipped with Auto KVM switch/USB-C (DP Alt Mode).

It is expected to sell for USD 899 and will soon make its debut in the market this summer.

The company has also come out with a 27-inch FHD+ monitor known as the InZone M3. It runs at 240 Hz and comes with IPS 1ms GtG (grey to grey), variable refresh rate, or VRR, (HDMI 2.1), and its G-Sync compatible.

It will be sold for USD 529 and will be arriving this winter.

Both the monitors come with HDR. A unique feature will also include a full array of local dimming.

InZone headphones
Sony has come up with three new gaming headphones, which include H9, H7, and H3.

H9 priced at USD 300 has impressive features like digital noise cancelling, soft-fit leather, and wireless and Bluetooth settings.

For the battery, it can provide 32 hours of power backup as well as a USB adaptor.

H7 is priced at USD 229 and comes with a wireless USB adaptor. The battery can last for up to 40 hours and has wireless as well as Bluetooth settings.

Lastly, H3 will be sold for USD 99 and comes with a 3.5-millimeter jack and a wired USB adaptor.

All three headphones come with a customized spatial sound field and comfortable wearability.

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