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Restricting autoplay videos, AI Image Creator and more: Microsoft Edge introduces new features

Microsoft released an upgrade to its Edge browser in January 2023 that includes a limited number of improvements and new features, including text prediction

With the help of Edge testers, Microsoft has begun testing the new block functionality, which will let users prevent entirely online videos from automatically playing in the Edge browser.

“We’re happy to tell you that your requested strict ban on media autoplay is now available. Block, a new autoplay setting in Edge Canary, enables you to stop all media on a website from playing automatically,” said Microsoft.

Additionally, the business claimed that this setting is more stringent than the current “Limit” option and prevents automatic playback on all websites, independent of prior usage.

To enable this capability, the user must go to edge:/settings/content/media.

To test it, type Autoplay into the address bar and choose Block from the drop-down selection.

Alternatively, users can enable this function by going to Settings > Cookies and Site Permissions > Media Autoplay.

“In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to make the service available to more customers and have already begun making it available to some of our Canary users,” the company stated.

Microsoft released an upgrade to its Edge browser in January 2023 that includes a limited number of improvements and new features, including text prediction.

Everyone who routinely uses the browser should be able to download the update because it’s available for the stable version of Edge.

Microsoft also recently launched the Bing Image Creator, which is powered by DALL-E models from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The Image Creator is available on desktops for Edge users worldwide.

With this tool, users can easily find a specific image for social media or presentation purposes.

Users can access the Image Creator in the sidebar on the right side of their Edge browser. From then they need to enter a prompt, and select from four different image options. After selecting an image, users can download it and add it to their document or upload it to social media.

To use the Image Creator in Microsoft Edge, users must enable it in the Edge sidebar by clicking the “+” icon and turning on the toggle key for Image Creator.

Microsoft has introduced another feature called “Drop” in Edge, which allows users to share and access content across all their devices in one place. This feature enables users to share not only photos, but also other file types and notes with themselves.

Another new Edge feature will also allow users to edit and save web images without the need for additional tools or apps. Users can now crop, adjust lighting and colour, and add filters to web images by simply right-clicking on them, without leaving the browser window.

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