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Majority of internet users do not password-protect WiFi

Only 9% of users who indicated they use a password to safeguard their Wi-Fi have never done so

According to recent research, most internet users agree that their home Wi-Fi connection is unprotected by a password, potentially leaving them vulnerable to online attacks.

According to a PC Matic survey, 89% of users need a router password configured, and 7% are unsure whether they even have one.

Changing passwords also appears to be a problem, as only 9% of users who indicated they use a password to safeguard their Wi-Fi have never done so. Furthermore, 37% have not changed their passwords since first configuring the router and changing the factory settings, and 9% acknowledge they would need to learn how to do that.

Internet security basics
It’s okay news, though, as some people are more concerned about protecting their virtual properties. For example, a fifth (22%) said they change their Wi-Fi passwords monthly, and nearly a quarter (23%) said they do it once a year (up 4% year over year).

Securing the router is the most crucial step in protecting your house or business from cyber intruders. Routers act as the central node for all internet-connected devices, including computers, smartphones, and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets like smart speakers, smart home appliances, and others.

With an unprotected router, a threat actor might consume all the bandwidth and hinder the network’s efficiency. Still, he could also access critical data or even steal it for use in identity theft and other cyberattacks by exploiting known vulnerabilities in the routers or the devices themselves.

Experts urge users to update the firmware of their routers regularly because these upgrades shield the devices from potentially dangerous flaws in addition to password-protecting the home Wi-Fi.

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