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Taipei Fubon mobile banking brings the bank closer to Generation Y customers

Taipei Fubon Mobile Banking

The upgraded app is the bank’s newest value proposition for the touch screen generation

Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, a subsidiary of the Fortune 500 listed Fubon Financial Holdings, has upgraded its Taipei Fubon Mobile Banking offering so as to bring the mobile banking experience closer to its key customers. Along with the three value proposition-based features of “my screen, my way”, “my account, my way” and “my family, my way”, the bank has added a new login-free quick-query service. The bank has also upgraded the user’s favorite features of life accounting, goal-based savings, and digital pocket money. By delivering a user experience based on the autonomy of financial services to its customers, the bank helps the touch-screen generation to enjoy an easy and fast banking experience of ‘my bank, my way’

The ‘my screen, my way’ feature helps customers to freely log in to the mobile banking app to check the real-time information of their accounts or credit cards, and also design their own main screen, putting their often-used financial services on the front page, thereby saving the trouble of finding functions.

The ‘my account, my way’ feature of the app actively records customers’ spending, reminds the customer to make deposits, and help them manage money easily.

The ‘my family, my way’ feature is designed to provide young families with a financial service that is unique in the market. Parents can reward their children with a touch of their mobile screens and deposit the rewards straight into their children’s accounts. In a way, this feature helps parents become the bank CEOs of the family.

Designing products and providing services centered on users’ needs has always been the original intention of the digital transformation of Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank. Therefore, in response to the changes in the usage habits of the bank’s key customers, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank conducted in-depth interviews and user-experience workshop interactions with the main user group of the mobile banking facility: The Generation Y between the ages of 20 and 35. Through conversations with the users, the bank was able to unearth the direction of this app upgrade: ‘high autonomy’ that is highly instant. By understanding the lives of the Taipei Fubon customers better, the bank brought out the two major services, ‘goal-based savings’ and ‘life accounting’ for Gen Y customers. Through the innovation of services and the optimization of user-experience, the bank hopes to strengthen its customer relationships with Generation Y customers.

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