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The company finds itself in hot water after a regulatory commission accuses the firm of intentionally misleading customers

Sony received some bad news this week as a European regulatory body issued the company a huge fine for misleading customers. The regulatory and competition authority, AGCOM, accused Sony of being unclear with its terminology and marketing materials regarding PlayStation Plus subscription service.

The service – which you need to subscribe to if you want to play online – lacked proper communication to players, according to AGCOM. 

The company is now pressuring Sony to make it abundantly clear that a purchase of the service is necessary if you want to play online, and has asked it to add clear information to its physical games releases in the future.

The fine, originally reported by ANSA, is pretty negative on the publisher. 

AGCOM stated Sony intentionally mislead customers:

“In order to a relevant element of the characteristics of the products, concerning the need to have to underwrite a paid subscription to use the console and video games in multiplayer online mode.”

The $2.2mn hit is not a huge deal for Sony, but it is hoped that the fine will convince it to publish clearer messaging about the PS Plus service in the future.

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