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Shura Council mandates health insurance draft law

It consisted of 47 articles and 6 chapters and keeps track of the provisions of health care services provided free of cost at government facilities.

The Shuna Council recently has approved a draft law making health insurance in Qatar mandatory according to the media. The legislative body had discussed the draft law and permitted it to make health insurance mandatory for all expatriates and visitors of the country.

The discussion was made under the chairmanship of speaker Ahmed al-Mahmoud. The draft law consisted of 47 articles and six chapters. It also keeps track of the provisions of health care services provided to its citizens in government facilities free of cost.

The council also reviewed the supplementary report of the Public Services and Utilities Committee during their weekly meeting in order to regulate Qatar’s healthcare services. Additionally, the law makes it a necessity to own health insurance before a residence permit can be granted or even renewed. This implies that every citizen of Qatar has to hold valid health insurance in case of medical emergencies or need of medical attention and care.

When implemented, visitors and expatriates are also required to submit proof of their health insurance valid for the time period of their stay granted in their visa or the residency permit. Under this draft law, Qatar’s health ministry will set standards for the requirements of healthcare services in government and private health facilities. The ministry is also to supervise the mandate of the health insurances.

The draft law also states that people need not show insurance or pay until the danger has been conquered. In cases where the health facilities are not covered under insurance, it is important to refer to the insurance company or the employer to cover the cost of that service. Along with the duties and rights of each patient that holds the insurance the draft law also obligates involved parties to ensure no violations are made.

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