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SARB’s new circulating coins mark 25 years of constitutional democracy

South African Reserve Bank, South African Mint, circulating coins R2 and R5

The R2 and R5 coins will be released for circulation after being displayed at the Constitutional Court in June

A subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), South African Mint (SA Mint) recently unveiled the new circulating coins R2 and R5, marking 25 years of constitutional democracy in the country. The coins will be released for circulation after the SARB and the SA Mint display them at the Constitutional Court in June.

The R2 coin represents the citizens rights including children’s rights, right to education and environmental rights, freedom of movement and residence, and freedom of religion, belief and opinion. Likewise, the R5 coin illustrates the concept: Let us live and strive for freedom.

An official website was launched under the name SA25 providing details of the coins, artists, collections for sale, and the overall significance behind the creation.

The coins will be produced in huge quantities and are available to the public at face value, BusinessTech reports. As part of currency production, the SARB produces coins for circulation from time to time.

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