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Postal Kenya, Safaricom launch MPost for ecommerce expansion

Kenya MPost

MPost is a new digital postal service that will use mobile phone numbers instead of a traditional post office box address

The Postal Corporation of Kenya has partnered with Safaricom to launch a digital postal service, the local media reported. The new digital postal service will use mobile phone numbers similar to that of a traditional post office box address. 

The new digital postal service is called MPost. The service targets 5 million new users — and is focused on expanding Kenya’s ecommerce sector. 

Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Cabinet Secretary (CS) Joe Mucheru, during the launch of MPost told the media that, “The service sits very well with the agenda that we have for Kenya of digitisation. We have ecommerce as one of the anchors of the economy and we are guided by big economies like China who has over 35 percent of their Gross Domestic Product led by ecommerce.” 

The MPost will improve Kenya’s ecommerce sector by ensuring that buyers can effortlessly sign up for this delivery service. It will also offer doorstep mail delivery and pickup, which charge an extra fee based on the location. 

Currently, AliExpress accounts for more than 62 percent of deliveries following its partnership with M-Pesa in March. With the launch of MPost, the Kenyan government is determined to ensure that investments by international companies established in the country are fully protected. 

According to Mucheru, MPost is wholly focused on ecommerce and its major players such as Alibaba and Amazon, who are establishing their presence in Kenya. Currently, these ecommerce players are struggling to get their products to Kenya — and the issue is being addressed by the national postal system.

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