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Palomar’s innovation centre expansion to aid photonics device assembly

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The centre was opened in November last year in partnership with Lux Photonics Consortium and DenseLight Semiconductor

Leading automated component packaging systems company Palomar Technologies is expanding its innovation centre in Singapore to support advanced photonic assembly. At its core, the centre creates a path for customers to seamlessly transfer to high-volume production, which is usually carried out in Asia.

The centre was opened in November last year in partnership with the Lux Photonics Consortium and DenseLight Semiconductors. “The photonics market is exploding and for the many companies with little to no experience in assembling photonics device packaging or the equipment capabilities, they face a high risk of successfully launching their product—most will die in the proverbial ‘Valley of Death’ because they simply don’t understand how to manufacture their device cost-effectively,” Rich Hueners, vice president of Global Sales and managing director at Asia-Pacific for Palomar Technologies, said.

The company’s innovation centre provides new product introduction teams with services in process development, device package prototyping, test and measurement, process maturation, and low-volume production for designing and launching new high-performance packages to enable IoT and 5G wireless networks.

“By partnering with the Palomar Innovation Center, customers have the advantage of easily bridging from NPI to high volume with significantly lower costs. Palomar has over 40 years of deep industry experience in the design and assembly of photonics and microelectronics devices. Companies new to this market gain exponentially from our experience,” he said.

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