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Paga and Flutterwave join forces to expand payment solutions in Nigeria

Paga Flutterwave

Flutterwave will add Paga as a payment option in its platform

Nigeria-based mobile payment Paga and San Francisco-based Flutterwave, a payment service for global merchants and payment service providers, have joined forces to expand payment solutions in Nigeria and across the African continent, according to a media report.

The partnership will see Flutterwave add Paga as a payment option in its platform.

Now Nigerians will have access to products from merchants on the Flutterwave network and they will also be able to pay merchants directly from their Paga wallet.

Flutterwave’s merchant base includes airlines, media outfits, hotels, ticketing companies, fashion retailers, among others to its customers.

Jay Alabraba, Paga’s co-founder and director of business development told the media, “By partnering with Flutterwave on their gateway, we give our customers access to quickly make payments to an even larger pool of merchants. The customer has a faster payment option and the merchant gets their money seamlessly. Most importantly, the service is end-to-end secure.”

He further revealed, “With over 14 million users of its mobile wallet, Paga, which allows users to transfer money electronically and make payments through their mobile devices, has processed more than $3 billion worth of transactions from 48 million transactions since its launch.”

Paga, which is headquartered in Lagos, recently entered into a partnership with Visa to boost payments for customers across Africa. Now, Paga account holders will be able to transact on Visa’s global network. The partnership will also introduce new merchant options into Paga’s network.

Paga, which was established in 2011, has entered the Ethiopian and Mexican market as well. Reportedly, Paga is also planning to launch new QR codes and contactless payments technology in Nigeria.

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