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Mystery surrounds ransomware attack on US-based INAP

No mention of ransomware attacks has been made in the INAP's Operational Transparency section

United States-based cloud computing and data services provider INAP witnessed a ransomware attack recently, which affected its operations.

However, no mention of ransomware attacks has been made in the IT firm’s Operational Transparency section. There, the operational log on September 28 displays the message, ‘No Incidents Reported’.

According to reports, the incident happened between 2:11 am and 5:41 am on September 28 (as per the US Central Daylight Timings). Around 8 am in the morning, an Internap technician spotted the attack. used the internet archive tool Wayback Machine and found that the now deleted INAP report said that the IT firm’s incident report team determined the attack vector used by the cybercriminals. Despite resolving the crisis, the company couldn’t recover its customer care operations.

Some of its client services such as providing multi-tenant websites, databases, web, and email hosting got affected badly. The report even said that the INAP customers lacking external backup software won’t be getting the company’s tech support henceforth.

“We will be terminating these multi-tenant hosting services and removing the charges from your account effective immediately. The multi-tenant GuestDNS service was not impacted, and you can continue to make any DNS changes through the control panel. Our recommended path forward is to re-create any affected services on a bare metal server and to upload your data from your local copies if available,” said the IT firm.

The replacement of a malfunctioning top-of-rack switch in INAP’s Chicago data centre, which damaged its clients’ systems in those cabinets and resulted in a 30-minute loss of public network access, is currently the most recent incident reported on INAP’s operational transparency page.

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