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Kenya-based mobile commerce firm Copia Global expands in Uganda

The expansion will help Ugandans have access to high-quality affordable products and plans to capture Uganda’s strong retail sector

Kenyan startup Copia Global has extended its services to Uganda to help the citizens access high-quality products and services. The company is also well-positioned to capture Uganda’s population and tap into its retail sector with massive growth potential, according to media reports.

Launched in 2013, Copia combines technology and a host of network agents that offer a wide range of product offerings and an efficient, reliable method of delivery to its customers. The company’s services also provide rural households access to products that would otherwise be difficult to obtain without travelling to a major city.

Copia caters to over one million customers and it is doubling in size as every year passes. Its expansion in Uganda primarily aims to bring high-quality and affordable products to millions of middle-class Ugandans, no matter how remote their locations are or what their connection status is.

Tracey Turner, Copia Global founder told the media, “Uganda has one of the fastest-growing middle classes in the world with a hard-working population and a dynamic entrepreneurial culture. Copia is designed specifically to serve this high growth but underserved consumer base who want access to high-quality products at the best prices. Harnessing mobile technologies, a network of local agents and logistics technology, Copia can transform middle class and emerging middle-class Africans into empowered global customers. Our expansion into Uganda is the next step in fulfilling that mission.”

Apart from this, the startup recently secured $26 million in Series B funding in November 2019 and plans to expand its mobile commerce platform and logistics network across other regions of Africa in future.

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