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Institute founded to educate investment managers on cutting edge AI, machine learning


The board of the announced Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute (AIFI) faculty and advisory board composed of leading visionaries and practitioners in artificial intelligence, finance and data science

Two Columbia University Adjunct Professors, Michael Oliver Weinberg, CFA, and Miquel Noguer i Alonso, PhD, have announced the co-founding of the Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute (AIFI). It’s mission is to be the world’s leading educator in the application of AI to investment management, capital markets and risk.

Taught by a diverse staff of leading academics and practitioners, AIFI’s course will teach the theory and practical implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in investment management. The course, which will include 75 hours of interactive coding and lectures, will award individuals the Artificial Intelligence in Investment Management Certificate.

The institute’s faculty is composed of a wide variety of luminaries, including:  Igor Halperin, PhD, Research Professor at NYU Tandon; George Lentzas, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Springfield Capital; Mickey Atwal, PhD, Associate Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; and Miquel Noguer i Alonso, Chief Development Officer, Global AI and Chief Science Officer, AIFI. Gordon Ritter, PhD, Senior Portfolio Manager, GSA Capital, and Petter Kolm, PhD, Clinical Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, will be Scientific Advisors to AIFI.  

“Our goal is to help investment professionals use new AI tools and techniques that are rapidly transforming investment management,” stated Michael Oliver Weinberg, CEO of AIFI.

 “Though it is easy to find general AI classes and non-technical finance classes, the integration of the two is rare.” He further added.

AIFI has assembled a diverse and international Advisory Board composed of thought leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science who will link AIFI to cutting edge talent and theories. The Advisory Board members include: Peter Carr, PhD, Department Chair, NYU Tandon; Jeannette Wing, PhD, Director, Columbia University Data Science Institute; Emily L. Spratt, Fellow, The Frick; Hein Hundal, PhD, Chief Scientist, Random-Order; and Armando Gonzalez, CEO, RavenPack.  

“AI in investment management is more complex than AI in non-investment disciplines, and the tools are rapidly evolving,” said Miquel Noguer i Alonso, CSO of AIFI.

 “Quantitative strategies are gaining ground, and managers who know how to use the latest AI tools are at a competitive advantage.” He added.

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