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HLT teams up with ITU, dnata for marching learning developments


Dnata’s Hermes Digital Ecosystem will be used to power the AI algorithms

The UK’s Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has collaborated with dnata, UAE- based company and IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) for exploring new ML-based models that have the potential to deliver predictive business analytics.

It is reported that dnata’s Hermes Digital Ecosystem will be used to power the AI algorithms. The ecosystem is equipped with full Datalake infrastructure. Furthermore, the infrastructure records and preserve important business intelligence events of dnata.

The ML-based model will pave the path for dnata to carry out predictive business process decisions and help deliver key insights on costs, services and efficiencies.

The ITU team will be responsible for creating, testing and developing the predictive models in the coming few months. The team is led by ITU’s Professor Philippe Bonnet. The team will also explore the design of cloud-native enterprise machine learning solutions.

Prof. Bonnet, said that the new development marks the future of enterprise ML envisaged by cloud providers, where any enterprise can incorporate data-driven predictions into their business processes.

Alex Labonne, Chief Technology Officer at HLT, told the media, “Machine learning is part of HLT’s digital agenda and our datalakes are a fantastic source of events and data, which are always up to date and ready to inform and train AI models in the Hermes Cloud. Successfully trained models will form new predictive functionalities for dnata and help them refine an already competitive cargo handling offering.”

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