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Earning first 100 product users: Crucial tips for Fintech

Customers would undoubtedly be interested in a Fintech platform connected to a fitness tracker

A company should employ a tried-and-true Fintech marketing strategy to bring in its first 100 clients. Here are a few strategies to achieve that goal.

Personalize Your Communications

Around 80% of consumers prefer brands providing personalized services, says data management company Epsilon.

Project planners should tailor marketing messaging, while remembering that every consumer is different. Software solutions need to be modified to address those needs. Target market segmentation is the best option here to segregate the user bases into different groups, so that products and customer care blueprints can be tailored as per those particular interests.

AI-enhanced Fintech startup marketing is a good option here in producing personalized text messages and recommendations for financial goods and services.

Use Persuasive Language To Consumers

People do internet searches when looking for software answers to financial problems. They search using keywords. Businesses can create a content marketing strategy using consumers’ desire to compare apps and acquire more information.

Finding keywords that address customers’ needs and produce helpful SEO-friendly content becomes very crucial here. Write a comparison post between several services, highlighting the benefits of your financial software. Make a list of the best investment apps that will serve as a reference for your product. Give a post-story about a user who used your program to address an issue and outline its features.

Different content will persuade potential buyers to download a trial version of the product, join up for a demo, or purchase a discounted subscription.

Take Care Of Fintech App’s Visual Component

Studies demonstrate how consumers’ decisions brand a product. For example, the ease of use, aesthetics, and attention to the buyer’s values all influence whether someone purchases a digital good.

The text’s message, the font size, the spacing between elements, and the object colour, all are crucial. Therefore, customers are encouraged to perform specific activities when these factors are appropriately combined.

Create a landing page with the help of seasoned UX/UI designers knowledgeable about critical psychological concepts. Priority buttons will be placed where people can discover and click them. In addition, an advertised item must point out a call-to-action element.

Use Financial Software Gamification As Trump Card

Non-gaming app developers are interested in gamification. As a result, customers feel successful when utilising apps. This process also makes connecting with critical financial programs more straightforward, which functions similarly to psychological triggers.

Gamification can attract leads. Customers would undoubtedly be interested in a Fintech platform connected to a fitness tracker. In exchange for completing a fitness target of 10,000 steps, a bank may offer a 3% interest rate. It also sounds appealing to give investment instruction in a virtual setting.

Another way of attracting new customers is the promotion of financial product gaming elements (avatars, quizzes, incentives, infographics, etc.).

Use Fintech Referral Marketing

Nielsen discovered in 2012 that 92% of people rely on word of mouth more than traditional advertising when deciding what to buy. Nine out of ten consumers still believe the reviews of their friends and other users.

To quickly attain the desired number of 100 clients, use referral marketing. Ask your first customers to spread the word about your business to their friends, and reward them with a nice bonus if they do (cash rewards, individual discounts etc.).

Engaged customers can describe the value of a product or service more effectively than marketers. From the user’s viewpoint, they highlight the advantages of the brand. So, first, find out what incentives your clients want by conducting a brief poll. Then, work together to get the necessary quantity of devoted clients.

Feel free to use various marketing Fintech activities at the beginning of your business. The successful formula will come to you after many trials and errors.

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