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Elder Research, Smarter Contracts to launch data privacy platform

Smarter Contracts will power its data privacy platform, Pulse by incorporating Elder Research’s AI and machine learning knowledge

AI and data science technologies provider Elder Research and UK-based fintech firm Smarter Contracts have entered into a partnership to launch a unique data privacy platform based on AI and block.

It is reported that Smarter Contracts will power its data privacy platform, Pulse, by incorporating Elder Research’s AI and machine learning knowledge. Pulse is a patent-pending platform and is highly secured for businesses and individuals as it provides seamless security transparency and allows to have control over data. Incorporating an AI into the platform will potentially enhance its capabilities. 

Elder Research will invest for the development of a new AI and machine learning engine, as part of the deal between the two companies. The sole purpose of the investment is to power the Pulse platform enhance its existing functionality. The investment marks the second investment Smarter Contracts has received in less than three months.

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Smarter Contracts comments, told the media, “Our vision is to give people the tools they need to manage their data in the same way they can manage money. Elder Research are an exceptionally well-respected AI and data science company who work with some of the world’s biggest brands, this partnership provides further validation of the quality and importance of Pulse and provides us with the scale we need to support our growing list of customers.”

The clients of Elder Research include companies such Fannie Mae, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sira-Kvina Hydropower, Capital One and HSBC.

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