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CAT Telecom to bid for 700MHz licence to boost 4G competency

CAT Telecom licence

The ministry will fully support CAT Telecom’s efforts to bid for the licences to be auctioned in February next year

CAT Telecom is keen to bid for 700MHz spectrum licences, according to the local media. These licences will be auctioned slated for February 2020. CAT Telecom’s potential bid is part of its aim to use the range for its 4G service.

CAT Telecom is a state-owned company that runs Thailand’s international telecommunications infrastructure. CAT Telecom President Sanphachai Huvanandana, told the local media that, “The 700MHz range is adjacent to the existing band on which CAT operates business.”

The company aims to boost its 4G competency through the licences, if acquired. CAT Telecom will have to provide a resolution to the cabinet for acknowledgement if it decides to participate in the auction. Its participation will bring a tough competition for other major operators to gain spectrum licences in secrecy, the local media reported. 

Huvanandana noted that the bidding prices will range between 10 billion and 15 billion baht. Even TOT, a state-owned telecom company, is planning to participate in the auction. 

Both TOT and CAT Telecom will provide tech services for the public in association with healthcare and transport. It appears that the ministry will firmly back both TOT and CAT Telecom in the matter. 

CAT Telecom is targeting 10 billion baht in revenue from digital business by 2025, an equivalent of a 1,000 percent rise from 2019. Huvanandana added that the company is expected to gain 900 million baht from its original business in 2019 and 1.2 billion baht in 2020.

Next year, CAT Telecom’s revenue is expected to reach 39.6 billion baht with a net profit of 400 million baht.

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