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Tips for UAE nationals to enjoy a budget-friendly summer vacation

To save money, over 90% of travellers from the UAE stated they would be willing to change the day, week, or duration of their summer vacation

It can be pricey to travel from the UAE during the summer vacation. However, a few tricks can enable you to reduce the cost of your holiday.

For instance, did you know there is a “cheapest week of summer” when travel is less expensive?

According to research by the online travel agency Skyscanner, 91% of travellers from the UAE intend to travel in the summer of 2023, yet over half (48%) still need to make travel arrangements. In addition, only 4% of UAE travellers are looking for deals during what the business labelled the “cheapest week of summer,” according to statistics.

One thousand respondents from the UAE took part in the study. The international travel website has offered some advice that will assist tourists in finding the finest offers:

Find The Best Summer Deals

The busiest and most expensive time to travel is during the first two weeks of the summer break. For example, according to Skyscanner’s data, four families can save an average of Dh760 by travelling during the week of August 19 instead of the beginning of July.

Travel On Weekdays

By flying on less-travelled days of the week, passengers can reduce the cost of their flights by up to 35% in July and August of 2023.

In the same timeframe, a family of four can save up to Dh669 on average by travelling to Turkey on a Friday rather than a Saturday, according to Skyscanner.

To save money, over 90% of travellers from the UAE stated they would be willing to change the day, week, or duration of their summer vacation.

Research For The Best Offers

On average, flights are expected to cost Dh431 per person for UAE citizens who still need to purchase their summer travel plans. However, Skyscanner can provide discounts for popular vacation destinations this August, like Georgia for USD 274 roundtrip, Israel for USD 344, Cyprus for USD 348, and Jordan for USD 359.

Change Your Departure Airport

Prices for flights out of different airports in the UAE can vary depending on various variables, such as the airlines operating there and the routes they fly, which means some will be busier than others during peak hours.

Ayoub El Mamoun, the company’s travel expert, stated: “Our research shows that over half of UAE travellers (58%) make sacrifices, such as spending less on meals out, takeaway coffees, and new clothes, to save for their summer vacations, but they are less likely to shop around for holidays in the same way they would when doing their weekly shopping.”

“Consumers can save a ton of money if they evaluate their travel options. Therefore, we’re developing the tools to make it simple and quick for travellers to do this,” the official stated further.

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