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Amazon’s Astro raises questions about device privacy

The robot comes with cameras, sensors, and an onboard AI which helps it in collecting & processing information. It is also aided by ALEXA.

Amazon’s Astro home robot is one of a kind. It comes with a ring security camera and Alexa voice assistants. The robot comes with several other features, which include cameras, sensors, and an onboard AI.

Unlike stationary cameras which cannot move, Amazon’s Astro camera can move from one room to another. It deep cleans by going close to the furniture as well as appliances. It also comes with a facial recognition scanner, which is useful in identifying household members. In order to function properly the device requires an enormous amount of personal information. Some of the data stay on the device while the other part of the information is sent to Amazon’s cloud.

Amazon’s Astro collects and processes the information in four main ways. The device creates a map of one’s home with the help of sensors and labels each room in the home. It also watches where the household members are moving in order to prevent tripping. The device can even identify people using facial recognition, if only it is turned on. According to Amazon, the device will delete the scan if it doesn’t encounter a person’s face after 18 months.

Astro also comes with video and audio streaming features which are useful for storing as well as sending recordings on the cloud.

Lastly, since the device can speak it uses Alexa voice assistant which is comes pre-installed in the robot. All the conversations are stored in Amazon’s cloud.

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