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Afrinvest Asset Management: NIDF maintains stellar performance

Afrinvest NIDF

In 2018, Afrinvest’s Nigeria International Debt Fund delivered up to 19% returns and paid dividends twice

Afrinvest Asset Management, a leading Nigerian asset manager, was recognised by the Global Business Outlook for its 2018 Banking Awards as the best asset management company with the best fixed income fund – the Nigeria International Debt Fund (NIDF).

The Nigeria International Debt Fund (NIDF) is a fixed income mutual fund that invests in federal and state government bonds. The fund was created 19 years ago and has consistently paid bi-annual dividends to investors every year save 2010, when the transition of the fund from dollar to naira happened.

From inception, the NIDF was priced at NGN2,000 per unit with a minimum entry of 500 units. Essentially, an initial buy in of NGN1,000,000 was required. However, Afrinvest recognised that a huge part of the market was excluded from a sound, low-risk investment opportunity and made some significant changes to correct this.

Today, investors with a little over NGN100,000 can invest in the NIDF, opening the product up to clients across a wide range of economic classes. The company has, however, maintained its dedication to the fund and continues to deliver exceptional customer service.

In 2018, NIDF delivered up to 19 percent returns to clients and paid dividends twice because of the expert management of professional wealth managers. While past performance does not guarantee future gains, Afrinvest says that the company guarantees that it is consistently looking for ways to maximise investors’ profit at the lowest risk obtainable.

Business model based on delivering value to customers

Afrinvest’s business model is built upon delivering value to customers. Afrinvest Asset Management is guided by the vision of its parent company, Afrinvest West Africa, to become the financial services provider of choice in Nigeria. The company’s focus is to simplify investments and create wealth for present and potential customers.

The Global Business Outlook Awards serve as a testament to Afrinvest’s growth as a firm and inspires the company to keep designing tailormade products for domestic and international markets.

Afrinvest Asset Management, under the leadership of Ola Belgore, manages a range of unique products including the NIDF, Afrinvest Equity Fund, Afrinvest Plutus Fund, Afrinvest Gift Shop, and the Afrinvest Income Portfolio. The company also deals in Eurobonds, Treasury Bills and commercial papers on behalf of its clients. Its expert team of professionals work directly with clients to determine the best fit for their economic status and investment needs.

Afrinvest’s unique value proposition

The strength of Afrinvest’s operations lies in its ability to design tailormade services for its high net worth clients, while adapting the same strategy for its more retail audience. With Afrinvest, investors can invest NGN5,000 in the Afrinvest Plutus Fund, NGN20,000 in the Afrinvest Income Portfolio, NGN50,000 in the Afrinvest Equity Fund, NGN150,000 in the NIDF, yet maintain a managed account that gives them access to a wide range of high yielding investment instruments at special rates.

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