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Afganistan natural resources, oil and gas, minerals project, Afghan Public Protection Force

It is likely that the tenders will be awarded in the next six months and the work will begin after a six-month period from then

Afghanistan announced 43 tenders for natural resource projects on Monday in an effort to attract investments in the country, deeply affected by its years in war. However, development of those resources is slow, owing to poor security measures, uncontrolled corruption, and lack of robust infrastructure.

Afghanistan’s acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum Nargis Nehan announced the tenders which included oil, mineral, and gas projects in Dubai. Nehan told  Reuters, “We have a good package of incentives for investors,” in the country.  

Afghanistan will provide 14 tenders for large-scale projects and international companies through a series of bidding, and the remaining small-scale projects will be awarded to local companies.

The tenders will cover projects in 16 of the 34 provinces in the country, and according to the government estimates $100 million will be spent on necessary work next year. Companies from the US, Europe and Gulf have shown significant interest in those tenders.

“The Afghan Public Protection Force will asses the areas and based on the needs of the area they will submit a budget and proposal to the company,” she said.

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