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Renewables accounted for 93% of installed power in Turkey during 2018


Turkey last year added some 4,025 MW to its installed power capacity, according to Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmel

The minister tweeted that the majority of Turkey’s newly installed power capacity, totaling to 642.1 MW was in the solar energy sector. It was followed by hydroelectric power with 889.9 MW. Meanwhile, an installed capacity of 509.4 MW was also put into use last year, of which 331 MW uses lignite and 271.3 MW uses natural gas.

Around 218.8 MW of installed power generated using geothermal energy was put into use. It was followed by 139 MW using biomass and 24 MW using imported coal.

Total power generation in 2018 was 4,025 MW, of which 40.8% was provided by solar, 22.1% by hydroelectricity, 12.7% from wind, and 8.2% by lignite-fired thermal power. These sources were followed by natural gas with 6.7%, geothermal with 5.4%, biomass with 3.5%, and imported coal with 0.6%.

Thus, along with the other items that came into power generation, domestic and renewable energy sources constituted 93% of the total installed capacity last year.

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